About Integration

How to connect my ecommerce site to Rosetta.ai?

Ans: Rosetta.ai supports almost all the ecommerce platforms (such as Shopify) and self-built platforms. Our integration process is as follows:

Site using an ecommerce platform, please go to Rosetta.ai web app​

  • register an account
  • log in and choose your platform
If your platform is 91 App, please inform us first.
  • provide product feed link
  • Authorize GTM
Self-hosted site
  • Authorize GTM
  • Set up the SDK (please contact Rosetta.ai Account Manager)
  • Provide product catalog link or CSV file for product data
  • Choose plug-in mode

​🔎Does Rosetta.ai have a dashboard that allows ecommerce merchants to view the reports directly?

Ans: Yes! We have our own "dashboard" and "reports" that allows e-commerce merchants to view the data.

🔎If I use advertising and Rosetta.ai together, will the analysis be better?

Ans: Advertising allows merchants to bring new visitors to ecommerce sites while Rosetta.ai increases the average order value and conversion rates for existing on-site shoppers.
Rosetta.ai allows merchants to increase revenue and profits without increasing their advertising budgets. We do this by showing accurate AI derived recommendations to site visitors based on their on-site behavior and hundreds of unique visual product attributes, so with advertising, there will be better results.