You can view the performance data of the recommended pages on this page
Hi, you will go to this page first when you login to your account
After you log in, you will see "dashboard" page below.
Key Shopping Metrics at a Glance
Revenue: ecommerce's overall revenue month to date
Conversion Rate: the number of transactions on your site divided by the number of sessions, expressed as a percentage.
Average Order Value: AOV tracks the average amount spent each time an order is placed on your store (Revenue/ Orders)
Clicks: The number of clicks the product by Rosetta.ai recommenders
Go to "Reports" to see complete results
Usage Metrics at a Glance
It shows your subscription and total Available Impressions. You can see Billing Period and days remaining here.
If you are not sure how to choose the plans or estimate impressions, you can go to GA "Target Audience" overview as a reference.
Then, you can click the menu on the left to find the function on Rosetta.ai Webapp.
  • create or edit recommenders:
  • See recommenders' results:
  • Check settings and plans: