Select layout

Different presentation, make consumers have more diverse choices
After selecting recommender style, you can choose the layout you prefer to meet your style. There are currently two types: provides personalized recommendation which can raise orders and conversion. Different recommendation types are placed on each of the four pages, which helps the AI to make the recommended products more personalized and accurate. (All users are recommended to select "Page Product Rotation" when installing to ensure that visitors can see your recommendations as soon as they enter the site.)
Select “In Page Carousel” and click next to go to “Design recommender layout” to customize your own recommendation.

2. Pop Up

There are 4 different types of pop ups below:
If you think the number of visits to the recommendation is not effective, we suggest that you choose "In Page Carousel" to ensure that every visitor can see the personalized recommendation.
Bottom left
Bottom right
You can choose to have it as a carousel notification, on the bottom left or on the bottom right.
When the visitor enters the set page, a personalized product recommendation will pop up for the visitor.
This setting will pop up as soon as you enter the site, so it is not recommended to set it on the "product content page" to avoid consumers' perception of too much interference.
If you select the "Right Edge Tab", it will be in the form of a gift box that slides out to the side.