You can create and launch the recommenders and manage your recommender board in the “Recommenders”.

New users who want to activate the function of “Recommenders” must finish subscribing to Rosetta ai in advance. If you are not subscribed, the screen below will be displayed
Live recommenders
recommenders will show on the website
recommenders that haven't been lauched. When editting new recommender, it will be saed as draft automatically.
To save the recommender layout as a template, click "Save as Template" after you have finished editing.
If you have created recommender for a specific marketing campaign you can use blocking to restore them when you need them
If you need to change the recommender's layout, you can click on the "Function Options" on the right side.
If you want to set up a recommender, you can refer to the following instruction to set up your own personalized recommendation
If you want to set up your own personalized recommenders, you have to complete the link to the authorized product catalog first (you only need to do this step once)