Promotion Banner

How to create promotion banner?

First, click "Get Started" to the setting page.

1. Next, choose the Layout Type

  • Button Left or Right (Mobile View Image only)
It shows on the left or right bottom, which provides new information and events to the customers to raise the orders. We suggest to use hesitant function
  • Center
The latest discount information will display in the center . It will encourage customers to click the link and promote to new products.
  • Right Edge Tab
The right edge tab is pop up that consumers can close on their own.(We are not yet able to change the position of the label, please forgive us)
The difference with center is that when the consumer closes the pop-up window, the right side can still click on the gift box to reopen the window.

2. Upload your design

Image format: (.png & .jpg image supported and Max:5MB)
  • Desktop View Image: 2000*1000px (240*360)
  • Mobile View Image: 800*1200px (200*300)
You can switch to PC or Mobile mode on the right side to review the image.

3. Choose "Position"

If you want to install the promotions on other pages, just need to choose"Custom Page" and paste the URL which you want to display.

4. Details

You could set the active period or choose dates from start to end.
  • Destination URL:Insert the link to make visitors directly enter the page.(If you don't need this function, you could skip.)

5. Trigger

  • AI-automated
  • Everytime

6. Review

You can launch or save as template