You can see the graphics and reports of the recommenders on this page.

You will understand the results of Rosetta's recommenders with visual graphics.


  • Revenue: ecommerce's revenue from Rosetta's recommenders with the percetage of overall revenue.

If the number is not totally accurate, it's because we caculate by "event" in GA, which can not caculate orders' discount and sales.

  • Click Through Rate:The number of clicks the product by recommenders.(clicks/view)

  • Conversion Rate: the amount of transactions on your site divided by the number of sessions, expressed as a percentage.(orders/clicks)

  • Average Order Value: AOV tracks the average amount spent each time an order is placed on your store(Revenue/ Orders)

  • Orders: the number of orders from recommenders

  • Clicks:The number of clicks the product by recommenders

  • View: the number of view of recommenders by the visitors

If you want to check results of different time period:

The default is "month to date". You can click the up right corner to choose other time period.

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