About Product Tag

How does Rosetta.ai automatically assign product tags to customers?

Every product in your store will have a number of visually-derived product tags associated with it. As visitors view items on your site, the weighted combination of these product tags will be assigned to them. As all visitors will have their own unique combination of product tags associated with them, Rosetta.ai's recommendation system will find the items that best match each visitor's unique combination of tags and show the most accurate recommendation to them.

Why are Rosetta's product tags different from the ones I set up in my product catalog?

The goal of Rosetta.ai's AI generated tags is to deliver the most effective recommendations for shoppers. While our product tags are based off of the merchant's product catalog, these tags set up by Rosetta.ai may or may not differ from the tags a merchant sets up. This will not affect the quality of the recommendations in any way.

How to get testing results of each tag? Does Rosetta.ai provide customized service on product tagging?

Tags are analyzed based on the industry and product category attributes and will be continuously updated and optimized. We will provide customized service if you want your tags to be personalized.