Select Recommender Position

Before setting the recommended position, you can refer to the recommended position for each page.
  1. 1.
    Click"Place in Desired Page and Position" then you will be taken to your home page(if you choose a pop-up window for the layout, you do not need to set a referral location)
If you don't know what pages and positions you want to set up?

Set the recommended location process.

2. Next, you must to wait to the "Live Review" editor will appear.
3. If you want to set the recommendation page to "Product List Page", please click to enter the product list page of any of your e-commerce company.(Product Details Page and Shopping Cart Page are the same process as well.)
4. After entering the page, please drag and drop the recommended page directly to the location you want to place it.
5. When you are done, you will jump back to the edit page.
If you want to set up a "product details page", you need to click on any product page. If you want to set "Shopping Cart Page", you need to add an item to the shopping cart before you can jump to the checkout page and drag the recommendation page to the position you want to place it.