Right Edge Tab

If you select the type of pop up as "Right Edge Tab"
The right edge tab is pop up that consumers can close on their own, helping to provide new product recommendations and more choices at the moment. (We are not yet able to change the position of the label, please forgive us)
Suggested Placement: Product Category Page
The difference with other pop-up windows is that when the consumer closes the pop-up window, the right side can still click on the gift box to reopen the window.
  • Next, in "4. Design recommender layout", you can create your own branded "Right Edge Tab", including logo, wording, background color, etc.
The following options can be customized to help users create their own recommender that better matches ecommerce style:
  1. 1.
  2. 2.
    2.Border color
  3. 3.
    3.Drop Shadow


The default image is a 512x512 square png. file, and you can also put the brand's logo or other icons (as shown below)
Please upload your e-commerce image as an image URL, then right-click and select "Open image in new page", and then copy the link in the new page.


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    Close status
If you just want to display the icon, delete the "You might really like" from the text.
Currently, the text is all straight, so that it is not easy to present on the web page and block the product page.

2. Open state

If you want to modify the wording, click "open state" and change the "text".
After finishing the setting, you can click "Next" to "5. Recommender location".​