About Plan

How to choose plans that is suitable for ecommerce?

The biggest difference between plans is the impressions, you can go to "Target audience" in GA to check your flow. If it's not higher than 100k, you can choose lite plan first.

What is the difference between freemium and other plans?

If it's the first time that you log in the account, it'll be "freemium", which includes 10k impressions, 2 recommenders, 1 recommendation type"Recommended for users". You can upgrade your plans to use starter or growth plan, which will start a 14-day trial first with more function, like several recommendation locations and types.

Can I use other plans first instead of freemium?

Of course! You can upgrade your plans and start your 14 day free trial after you bind a credit card with more functions, like several recommendation locations and types.

Is my ecommerce suitable for growth plan?

The impressions for starter plan is 100k, and we will charge more if the impression is used up. If the impression is not likely to be enough, we will suggest to use growth plan, which is 250k impressions and a choice for removing Rosetta.ai's logo. We also provide new features about hesitant customer detection.
Due to Rosetta.ai's SAAS service, you can choose any plans that you want. See the prices here.
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