About the differences with other recommenders

What are the differences between Rosetta.ai and Shopline recommenders?

Ans: Rosetta.ai uses AI image analysis to generate labels for every products. We focus on fashion, beauty and daily products ecommerce, where we collect visitor's behaviors from. Due to different preferences, we provide precise and personalized recommendations! Besides, we put recommenders in 4 different locations: homepage, product list page, product details page and shopping cart pages, so recommenders can effectively raise conversion and decrease bounce rate.
fashion, beauty
widely used
recommendation type
personalized recommendation, various recommendation type
related product recommendation
location page
only product page
mulitle recommendation engine at the same page
adjust recommender layout or location to meet your ecommerce style freely.
built-in function
update frequency
once per day (the standard plan is twice per day.)
once per day

What are the differences between Rosetta.ai and other recommenders?

Ans: Rosetta.ai is SAAS service, which uses subscription plan to allow ecommerce to choose the plans they want. Just do to the web app to start using Rosetta.ai. After registration, you need to authorize product feed link and GTM to create recommenders! Rosetta's recommendations predict favorite products for customers based on personal preferences, which increase ecommerce's conversion and revenue.